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About us

A high speed network that belongs to us as a community!

Réseau wireless network started operation in the spring of 2007 offering wireless broadband services to residential and corporate clients Picanoc is a public/private venture for the purpose of offering Wireless broadband to our communities.

The public partners are the MRC of Pontiac and MRC of Vallée de la Gatineau and the CSHBO and Western Quebec school boards, incorporated as Connexion Fibre Picanoc inc. and registered with the CRTC as a non dominant telecom.

CFP operates for its 4 partners a 500 km fibe optic cable and a micro wave link from Sheenboro to Rapides des Joachims.

Picanoc’s first focus is our customers; that is why redundancy is important for us to provide a secure and reliable network. This is why our backbone network operates over multiple fibers within the CFP cable and in other infrastructures.

The private partner, Xittel is a telecommunication engineering company specialized in broadband wireless and fiber optic networks, active in Canada and internationally.

Xittel already owns and operates a 6500 clients Motorola Canopy network in Trois-Rivières (Québec).

This network was build under a Québec government program Villages Branchés to offer broadband access to communities, municipality buildings, schools, and public libraries.

In the first phase of this project was to offer “HIGH SPEED” connection to each municipality Building, Library and Fire Station with in the Pontiac, thus paving the way for the Fibre Optic backbone connection. The Second phase is our “Community Broadband” service where the plan is to install 40 antennas in our communities. Please see the “Coverage” page for towers located near you!

It is our great pleasure to offer you our service; we contain to strive to maintain the quality customer service and network that you deserve.

“We're connected to you!”