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Equipped Bundle

Perfect for web browsing and chatting


Surf the net at rates you can afford and reduce your communication fees

When you combine internet and IP phone, you can surf the web at high speed and save on your communication fees. No more outrageous long distance bills and $5.00 options!

Internet Services

Download speed up to
5 Mbits/s
1 Mbit/s in uploading
30 Go*
transfer limit
connection time

IP phone

Long distances
Everywhere in Quebec
4 options
See the coverage area
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Prices do not include taxes.
Consult our list of included options for all the details.
Every gig over your monthly transfer limit will be charged $2.00 + tx. Maximum of $100,00 billed monthly.
A technician will install your phone service free of charge if it is combined to a high speed internet access.