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IP Phone


Reduce your communication fees!

Is your phone service too expensive? Not any more with Voice over IP (VoIP)! No more outrageous bills and paying extra for various options.

Long distances
Anywhere in Quebec

You can also benefit from:

  • Keep your same phone number
    In most areas we can transfer your number.*
  • Customer service and technical support
    Dynamic personnel always ready to offer you personalised and efficient service.
  • $0,03 per minute everywhere in North America
    For only $0.03 per minute, you can call everywhere in Canada and the US.
  • 9-1-1 service
    VoIP phone emergency 9-1-1 features differ from traditional 9-1-1 services. Visit for more information.
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Prices do not include taxes.
Consult our list of included options for all the details.
A phone number transfer fee of 100.00$ is applicable for commercial phone lines.