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We develop and deploy solutions to meet your highest expectations.

Download speed up to
5 Mbits/s
1 Mbit/s in uploading
100 Go*
transfer limit
connection time
  • Expand your market by doing business on the web, have your products and services known world wide.
  • Use your management dashboard to link your different branches and ensure a quick and efficient decision making.
  • Know what products and services your competition offers and plan a business strategy so you know how to remain competitive.
  • Make your business more efficient and productive with a reliable internet network.
  • Deal with you providers and manage your productivity online. Efficiently manage your inventory in different warehouses and branches. Keep track of production and profitability from anywhere!

You can also benefit from:

  • Up to 50 email addresses with spamming and virus protection
    Choose an email address for yourself and three other members of your family.
  • Access your emails directly from the net
    Send and receive emails from any computer that has an internet access.
  • Technical support
    Help for all you technical problems.
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Prices do not include taxes.
An installation fee of $299.99 + tx is applicable.
Every gig over your monthly transfer limit will be charged $2.50 + tx.